Thursday, April 05, 2007

Product Profile

Higher strength with better elongation

Excellent corrosion resistant properties

Retains strength at elevated temperature

Stress free-hence higher fatigue strength

Excellent ductility - hence high welding strength

Savings in steel by 15-20% by using Fe-500/550

Stringent Q.C Checks at Billet & TMT making stages

Specific customised length offered to ensure zero wastage

Tempcore TMT technology used

Also available in 28/36/40 mm made to order.

Tulsyan Steel : Quality for life

Tulsyan TMT Bars have three vital characteristics that separate them from the best. Quality that speaks of the purity of steel, strength that speaks of an ability to withstand forces and endurance, that ensures longevity. That’s the reason why, when you invest in Tulsyan TMT Bars, you can be sure that you have invested in steel for life.

Tulsyan TMT rebars is made from the finest quality raw materials through a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, so you are assured of the finest grade and long-lasting steel that will form the skeletal structure of your construction. The true test of quality is highlighted by Tulsyan’s ISI certification (IS 1786) – an acknowledgement of its high quality standards.

Tulsyan NEC Limited

Tulsyan NEC is one of the leading manufacturer of Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Bars in the country. Established in 1947, the company was initially known as the National Engineering Company until the early 90s, when it was renamed Tulsyan NEC. Today, Tulsyan records an annual turnover of over Rs.325 crores and is listed on the Indian Stock Exchange.


The Company bears the unique distinction of being the first licensed Rolling Mill in South India to produce TMT Bars. An integrated steel plant at Gummudipoondi facilitates a production of around 72,000 MT Tonnes of MS Billets annually. The state-of-the-art Rolling Mill has a capacity of 60,000 MT at Chennai and 48,000 MT at Coimbatore of TMT Bars in Grade Fe 415 and Fe 500 of sizes, ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm dia. Tulsyan has also launched Fe 550 TMT Bars that offer the advantage of a huge reduction in cost, while Tulsyan CRS TMT Bars have a greater advantage in saline environment.

Quality first

Technology, quality and cost are three key areas for Tulsyan. Every TMT Bar that rolls out of the plant bears the stamp of quality on it. Tulsyan has been awarded the IS 1786/ 1985 certification in recognition of its pursuit of quality. The Company is also registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Tulsyan TMT vs Others

One of the key differences between Tulsyan TMT and the rest is the raw material that goes into the manufacturing process. Most CTD/TMT manufacturers use rerollable scrap or MS ingots, which do not offer control over the properties of the steel manufactures. At Tulsyan, raw material is first converted into molten metal using a 20 MT furnace. This liquid steel is cast into billets in a billet caster, which are then rolled into TMT Bars at the automatic rolling mill.

Unique Cooling Process

Another key differentiator in the manufacturing process is the quenching process where the outer temperature of the bars is reduced from 1000° c to 450° c in half a second by intensive controlled cooling. This process results in the surface being modified to tempered martensite and the core being transformed to ductile ferrite-pearlite. This composite structure results in superior ductility and weldability, accompanied by excellent strength.

Stringent Quality Testing

No effort is spared in ensuring that every TMT Bar that rolls out of Tulsyan is free from all defects and solid/gas intrusions. Stringent quality test are conducted at every stage and the desired chemistry maintained right through the process. After manufacture, the products are carefully inspected by an expert quality team and evaluated on various parameters like weight, tensile strength, elongation, bend capability and chemistry. Only those that come good in these tests are shipped to retail outlets.